Our training courses assist telecom companies to improve operational efficiencies, target and service customers better and increase return on invested capital in the business.

We offer standardised as well as customised training solutions developed around the specific needs of our customers.

Training courses: 
Product Management Training

Our telecom product management training courses covers all aspects of telecom product development and lifecycle process. Course is characterised by a large amount of practical and interactive tools and templates.
Product Development Training

Telecom product development training courses covers all phases of the product development process. Typically delivered over 3 days this course is the cornerstone of any successful telecom product rollout.
     Product Lifecycle Management Training

Telecom product lifecycle management training courses covers key lifecycle topics such as portfolio planning, cost and price management, forecasting, performance management. Typically delivered over 2 days.
  Product Cost Modelling, Pricing, Forecasting and Business Cases

This course is structured as an intensely interactive, hands-on and practical workshop covering telecom product cost modelling, pricing, forecasting, business cases and financial analysis. An amount of pre and post-course work is typically recommended with this course. 
  Telecom Pricing Training Course

This advanced course will provide participants with practical skills for development of dynamic price models for telecom products. It covers, methodology and framework, pricing elasticity calculations, design of new pricing plans, pricing value comparison, conversion mapping, forecasting and practical price models development. 
Customer Value Management Training Course

This course is suitable to telecoms who are starting to implement CVM in their business. It covers introduction to key CVM principles, CVM data analytics and CVM practical implementation steps.

Telecom Analytics and Predictive Modelling Training Courses

Advanced analytics course designed to provide knowledge and skills required for planning, development, implementation and monitoring of analytical predictive models in the telecom industry. Modules covering predictive churn analytics and credit risk modelling are also available. 
Telecom Customer Experience Management Training Course

Course aim is to provide knowledge and skills required for CEM strategy development, planning, implementation, monetisation and monitoring of customer experience in the telecom industry.

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management Training Course

Purpose of the course is to acquire knowledge and skills required to detect, analyse, fix and reclaim revenue leakages, as well as to measure and report on the financial impact of RA findings.

Advanced Revenue Assurance and Impact of New Technologies

This brand new and advanced training course will take your telecom Revenue Assurance organisation to the forefront of industry best practices and provide meaningful assessment of impacts from new technologies.

Dispute Management Training Course

Mix of theoretical and practical course with focus on dispute management and resolution in the telecommunications sector covering current methods, best practices and future directions.

Telecom Sales Training Courses

We offer a range of telecom sales training courses covering account management, value based selling, negotiations, sales excellence, customer relationship management. 

Telecom and IT Project Management Training Course

This course is a mix of theoretical and practical learning. The course takes a deliverable-oriented perspective to project management and include recommendations and learnings from the IT and Telco industries.

Digital Transformation Training Course

Introductory course on Digital Transformation looks at unique problems and explores practices and open-source technologies that can be used to help transform your IT environment.

Customised Training Courses

We can create customised training courses for our telecom customers based on specific requirements and learning objectives.