This advanced course will provide participants with practical skills for development of dynamic price models for telecom products.

Key learning modules include:

  • Overview of Price Models Development Methodology and Framework
  • Pricing Elasticity Calculations including Macro and Micro Elasticity Approaches
  • Practical Market Based Design of New Pricing Plans
  • Pricing Value Comparison 
  • Revenue Conversion Mapping from Current Pricing to New Price Plans
  • Price Forecast Modelling covering Revenue, Costs and Network Capacity Impact
  • Practical Price Models Development and Case Studies



Telecom Dynamic Price Models Training Course Overview





Day 1

Financial Analysis Framework

Introduction to comprehensive financial analysis framework to be used for pricing, covering market research, cost modelling, service forecasting, profit margin calculations / ROI estimates, services pricing, revenue forecasting.


Comprehensive Price Modelling Framework

Info collection process

Introduction to price elasticity

Price plans design process overview

Pricing plans value comparison approach

Services and revenue conversion mapping steps

Forecast modelling techniques

Dynamic price model dashboards development


Creation of Dynamic Price Model Structure

Practical creation of dynamic price model structure skeletal in Excel.


Data Collection Methodology

Collection of data for price models development.

Internal data: historical pricing, historical price changes,

product pricing plans and plans offers, historical revenues…

External data: competitive pricing, competitive plans offers, discount structures…  


New Pricing Plans Design

Design process for new pricing plans (new plans, data & voice allowances, speeds, daily/weekly/monthly plans, pre-paid and post-paid plans, unlimited plans, usage based plans…)


Day 2

Price Elasticity

How to calculate elasticity: macro/external elasticity, micro/internal elasticity, market growth impact…)


Pricing Plans Value Comparison

Value comparison vs. old plans and competitor offers (from market analysis). Average pricing offer value benchmarking.           


Conversion Mapping

Services and revenue conversion mapping (from old to new pricing plans, old to new offer).

Conversion rate estimates based on perceived value.


Price Model Forecast Development

Forecast modelling including: users, top-ups, revenue, network/traffic/usage, costs, P/L.

Market share and market realisation factor in price model forecasting.

Price discount value factor calculation.        


Dynamic Price Model Dashboards Development

Dashboards development: plans migration, key variables controls, dashboard graphs, scenarios modelling, fixed/variable cost impacts…

Key price model reporting charts: users, revenues, profits, network impact…



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Telecom Dynamic Price Modelling Training Course Outline