Parcus Group provides consulting across business and technical disciplines. Our approach to consulting is one of execution rather than just advisory. We believe this ‘hands-on’ approach sets us apart from many consulting companies who can tell you what to do rather than get it done with you.

Our key areas of focus include:
 Product Management Consulting

Some of the benefits we typically deliver to our customers are:
  • Time-to-market improvements (quicker to launch new services/products and quicker to realise revenues from sales)
  • Productivity improvements (by using our solution customers are completing the product developments faster which means the resources in the organisation can be re-deployed on other projects and utilised more efficiently)
  • Increased competitiveness (by moving faster than the competition our customers can improve their competitiveness in a given market by taking a lead in innovation, new product features and similar)
Our staff are skilled across the latest product development methodologies and have experience with product developments in telecommunications, ICT and related fields.
 Marketing Services and Business Development

Our marketing services cover strategic marketing, channel marketing and market research services. Market and value based approach is used to articulate your competitive advantage such being cost, service or a product.
Our business development, sales and channel marketing assistance includes:
  • Business development and sales relationship facilitation
  • Anchor customer acquisition
  • Consulting on product distribution and resale channels
  • Channel partner enablement, business processes, training and sales support
 Telecom Customer Experience Management (CEM) 

Our customer experience consultants will help you deliver an exceptional experience that sets it apart from the competition in the eyes of its customers.
Our CEM offer covers the following key success components:
  • Creation and Implement Staff KPIs
  • Implementation of organizational reporting & measures incl. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • On-going CEM staff training programs
  • Performance monitoring, reviews & continuous Improvement
  • Reviews and improvements of business processes (customer journey mapping
 Other Consulting Services

Our expertise also covers telecom financial and risk consulting, technical and business strategy services. For example we offer:
  • Telecom business, network and asset valuations
  • Specialised telecom finance reviews, product cost modelling, forecasting and financial reporting, market pricing analysis and price modelling
  • Business and residential customers credit risk models development and implementation
  • Assistance on product monetisation, architecture and design reviews, coordination and delivery of technical training sessions
  • Business consulting and strategic reviews on a range of transformational ICT technologies such as Cloud, BYOD, Security and Managed Services
  • Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management consulting
  • Telecom Customer Churn Prediction Models consulting and development