We provide very detailed and comprehensive product management training specifically for telecom operators and ICT companies. All our trainers and consultants are senior telecom & ICT experts and typically have 20+ years of experience.

The main audience for our courses are product managers, but regularly we also see attendees from sales, marketing, engineering, operations, finance, IT etc… accordingly the whole business receives the skill improvements and embedding of new methods is much easier with everyone understanding the common framework to follow.

Our training customers typically enjoy the following benefits from our services:

  • Increased return on capital invested in new product development projects
  • Improved time-to-market by applying a common product management framework across the business
  • Greater staff productivity by increasing employees skills and collaboration among teams
  • Increased competitiveness and customer satisfaction by development and creation of value delivering products differentiated from competitors

At Parcus Group we do not run public/open training courses – our offer is all about professional training for individual organisations. We can also provide extra focus on the topics of specific interest and reduce time spent on others where your skills are high.

Parcus also uses a range of mechanisms to measure the effectiveness of the training interventions as per diagram below: 

We offer the following standard training courses options:

For customers with specific learning and organisational development needs we can also offer individually customised training courses.