Telecom and IT Project Management Training

Course Overview

This course is a mix of theoretical and practical learning. The course takes a deliverable-oriented perspective to project management, and include recommendations and learnings from the IT and Telco industries.

Key Course Outcomes 

  • Understand the unique complexity of Telecom IT projects
  • Learn about the different project management methodologies
  • Choosing an appropriate methodology
  • The different lifecycles that projects can undergo
  • Identifying and managing project stakeholders
  • Understanding the effects of complexity and quality on project outcomes
  • The benefits of continuous delivery approach in modern IT projects

Course Outline

ModuleShort Description
Day 1
Introduction to IT Project ManagementDefining IT Project Management
The role of project management
Why are IT Projects Difficult?
Introduction to PMI and PMBOK.
Project Management MethodologiesOverview of Traditional Methodologies
Overview of Agile Methodologies
Other Methodologies
Methodology Use in Industry
Project Management ChallengesFailure Rate of IT Projects
Examples of IT Project Failures
Why do IT projects fail?
Lifecycle of an IT ProjectProject Lifecycle Models
Programs vs Projects
Products vs Projects
Choosing a Methodology
Project StakeholdersManagement
Other Users
DeliverablesIdentifying Key Project Deliverables
Developing, Negotiating and Communicating a Project Vision
Day 2
Leadership and visionLeadership of IT Projects
Attributes of Successful Projects
Developing a Vocabulary           
Developing a Project Strategy
Estimating, Scheduling and Velocity
Team Communication
Management Reporting
Requirements ManagementRequirements Gathering
Backlog Management
Backlog Reviews
Specification Development
Reducing ComplexityThe Problem with Complexity
Astronaut and Other Architectures
Industry Views of Complexity
Delivery Orientation
QualityNon-functional requirements
Business Impact of Quality Decisions
Timeline Escalation Problem
DeliveryContinuous Delivery Cycle
Principles of Continuous Deployment
Team Structure
Task Allocation and Communication
Regular Meetings
Product Testing Methodologies
ToolsIntroduction to Project Management Tools
Integrating Backlog and Execution
Using Open Source Software

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