Training Course Overview

This brand new and advanced training course will take your telecom Revenue Assurance organisation to the forefront of industry best practices and new technologies. This course is most suitable for mature carriers with existing RA organisation and systems in place, who are looking to improve their RA performance.

Following are some of the key topics we will cover:

  • Advanced Telecom Revenue Assurance (RA) Concepts
  • Advanced RA Controls, Measures and Thresholds Design
  • RA Best Practices, TM Forum RA Maturity Model and Roadmaps
  • New Technologies and Impact on RA (4G/5G, Cloud, IoT, SDN/NFV, ICT…)
  • Inter-Carrier Settlements, Verification and Validation
  • Data Analytics in Revenue Assurance

Course Modules Breakdown (Example 3 Day Course)

ModuleDetailsDuration (hours)
Day 1
The Idea of Revenue MaximizationIn this session we discuss this emerging role of RA in the future organisation. We investigate the increasing importance of RA as it evolves to possibly become Business Assurance.1
Revenue Assurance for Advanced Services“Non-traditional” telecom services are putting increased demands on the capabilities of the RA organisation. We examine if and how such new advanced services requires a different approach to RA.0.5
Advanced Controls Design and Implementation“Inspect what you expect”. Identification of control points relating to network, data sets and business rules. Design process of different types of controls, measures and thresholds.  1
Tools & Methods for RA InitiativesHere we review a number of different RA systems, useful tools and methodologies especially from the perspective of traditional telecom products and new service offerings.0.5
Network OptimizationWith a broad scope RA methodologies can be deployed also to benefit parts of the business that is normally not in scope. We look at how RA can drive Network revenue optimisation.0.5
New Products, Provisioning, Inventory Reconciliation RA integration with product development, ordering processes. Reconciliation of data in the order and provisioning stage as well as on network asset / inventory reconciliation / verification.1
RA Concept & Best PracticesWe discuss how RA is viewed and implemented across the global telecom industry and draw conclusions. Review of TM forum RA standards and maturity models. Review of telecom case studies.1.5
Data IntegrityData Integrity as an integral component and prerequisite of effective Revenue Assurance activities0.5
End-to-End RA Strategy & SuccessBusiness strategy hierarchies and RA intersect. Developing strategy and steps. Strategy and RA Business Maturity Intersect.1
RA Success Factors and KPIsRA Success Factors. TM Forum standards based RA KPIs: Data Quality, Revenue Leakage, RA Process Effectiveness.0.5
Day 2
3G / 4G / 5GDetailed review of 5G: history, standards, spectrum, improvements. Differences in architecture vs. 3G/4G and impact on RA?3
VoLTE / VOIP / SIPReview of VoLTE, VoIP and SIP. Impact on RA.0.5
IoT / M2MHow are IoT / M2M services different from RA perspective compared to legacy telecom services?  Which types of controls are appropriate and most effective / necessary?1
SS7 / SIGTRAN / RADIUS, DiameterReview of various signalling protocols and their relevance to RA controls design and management.1
NFV/ SDNDetailed review of Network Functions Virtualization and Software-Defined Networking. Review of RA methodologies suitable for virtualised networks.1
Cloud / ICT / Managed ServicesHere we look at the impact on the RA from introduction of Cloud, ICT and Managed Services1
Day 3
IMS / NGNHere we look at the impact on the industry in general and RA in particular by IMS & NGN0.5
Mobile Money, Content, Apps, Games…Review of services such as Mobile Money, Content, Apps, Games… Here we discuss how these new services can be best managed from the RA/FM perspective.0.5
Policy & Charging Resource Function (PCRF)Here we review the functionality, and role, of the PCRF in a multimedia network and for services such as VoLTE. We especially consider how the PCRF can be integrated into the RA framework.1
Digital TransformationWe investigate how the ongoing digital transformation of the operator industry will impact the RA activities.1
Inter Carrier Billing, Verification and ValidationRA for inter carrier business transactions: Contracts, Value Commitments, TAR agreements, Price lists, Numbering plans, Number portability, Origin based rating/routing & exchange rate, large number of supplier invoices in different formats. We explore strategies that are effective in this domain.2
Data Analytics in Revenue AssuranceIntroduction to analytics techniques: multiple variable regression analysis, two means comparison, churn models, credit risk models.1.5
Pre Mediation Risk AssuranceWe discuss which data sources and methods that can be employed and also examine the role of network probes specifically for RA.0.5
RAFM ConvergenceRA and Fraud Management activities, both Detection and Prevention, often partially intersect. We discuss the risks, and opportunities, that exist and how they are best managed.1
RA Quantification and ReportingQuantification of Reactive and Active RA, Quantification of Reactive and Active RA, Revenue Leakage Impact Formula, Impact of Cost Leakage, Impact of Opportunity Loss, Impact of Overcharging.  1

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