Training Design and Development Methodology

We can create customised training courses for our customers based on specific requirements and learning objectives as per approach below.

1. Assessment of Training Aims
Under this activity, Parcus Group and clients work together to understand the goals of the training programme such as:

  • Target audience
  • Existing skills levels
  • Preferred delivery models
  • Specific outcomes requirements

2. Scheduling
Agree on development and delivery schedules to meet the training needs

3. Development of Course Outline
Develop framework for the course, topics and learning objectives, approximate length. Review with stakeholders.

4. Research and Materials Development
Each topic is comprehensively researched using the variety of resources available. During and after the development, material is distributed within the client for review to ensure accuracy and completeness.

5. Delivery and Evaluation
We deliver the material and collects course evaluations from attendees on the effectiveness of presenter, material and location. These evaluations can then be used to tune subsequent courses to ensure continuous improvement in the quality.

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