Digital Transformation for Telecoms – Training Course

In this introductory course on Digital Transformation, we address the unique problems and explore practices and open-source technologies that can be used to help transform your IT environment.
The course takes a deliverable-oriented perspective to digital transformation and includes practical recommendations and learnings from the ICT and Telco industries.

The course provides a high-level introduction to several low-cost technologies and techniques which can be used to develop in-house applications for use by staff and customers, and we explore ways in which your teams can support each other to enable them to create standards and skills which are both valuable and transferrable.

Key Course Outcomes:

• Digital transformation strategy development and skills requirements
• Digital transformation key success factors and considerations
• Understand how to rapidly build and deploy IT integration projects
• Explore practices and open-source technologies for DT implementation
• Understand your company digital maturity and create roadmaps
• Learn from practical examples and relevant telecom industry case studies

Modules Breakdown (2 Day Course)

ModuleShort Description
Day 1
Introduction to Digital TransformationDigital transformation in a nutshell
TM Forum TMF439 digital transformation scorecard
TM Forum GB997A digital maturity model
ITU-D telecommunications development
Digital Transformation for Telecom CompaniesDigital transformation for smaller telecom carriers
Scale and Performance goals for Digital Transformation
Building an independent digital transformation capability
Overview and Development of Key Digital Transformation SkillsTechnical skills
Technical design and Strategy skills
Management skills
Day 2
Digital Transformation ToolsPrinciples of rapid application development
Open-source digital transformation tools
Infrastructure requirements
Infrastructure costs
Skills and training
Managing digital projects
Building Technical CommunitiesPolicies, incentives
Tools, team mentoring
Practical Examples, Conclusions and Next StepsOverview of some practical examples and case studies Conclusion, Q&A discussion and next steps

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