As the innovation and competition increased telecoms started to recognise that in order to succeed a fast network or strong engineering department were not sufficient. Another variable appeared on the horizon – customer service and customer experience . 

Key CEM (customer experience management) goals include:
• Optimizing interactions from the customer’s perspective 
• Delivering an exceptional experience that sets it apart in the eyes of its customers 

Key CEM benefits include:

  • Increasing the amount of consumer spending
  • Inspiring loyalty to provider and brand

It is also worth adding that while progression to CEM is a positive step for every business, it is not to be taken lightly. CEM requires a commitment from the highest levels of management to the lowest of delivery trainee technicians. 

Following is a short list of all the components which are required to be in alignment in order to make the CEM work and stick:

Key Success Factors:
1. CEO and board direction (buy-in)
2. Strategic alignment (CE driven product design, marketing/sales as well as operational CE alignment)
3. All the customer experience touch points must be covered
4. Technical integration requirement will increase given additional pressure to deliver consistent customer experience. 
5. Business models may require adjustments (eg. if operating via channel partners, all the channel partners must adhere to strict CEM metrics including penalties where not done so)
6. Brand management will require continuous monitoring (this will likely include additional efforts to support and deliver ongoing positive social media feedback)
7. Customer journey roadmaps and solid product development roadmap to ensure innovation
8. Implementation of NPS for ongoing monitoring (at every customer interaction)
9. Extensive employee training on CEM practices

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