Parcus Group Product Management Software Tools cover all aspects of telecom product development and lifecycle process. Software tools package is characterised by a large amount of practical and interactive tools and templates delivered in 3 modules including end to end product development, workflow management and product lifecycle management. 

Our software customers typically enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased alignment of business units (by using a common toolkit across all the business functions)
  • Greater staff productivity (by task automation and simplification of key activities)
  • Improved decision-making (by providing data-driven tools based on customer and market insight)

The Product Management Reference Guide delivers detailed instructions, training guidance, tools and templates required to execute a large or small product development project covering all phases of the cycle from market research, business case, product requirements capture, product design, solution build and testing to go-to-market planing & launch. Over 60 interactive software tools and templates covering all the product development phases are provided in this module.

The Workflow Module is task oriented and delivery focused engine behind the collaboration capability. In web-based implementation, it provides standardised and configurable project workflows and task project management, collaboration capability, approvals and project status monitoring and reporting. The module is linked to both product development and lifecycle management modules and integrates all the product management functions into a single dashboard.

Product Lifecycle Module provides ongoing product management functionality not only for the product managers but for the whole business. Lifecycle workflows can be easily set up to ensure appropriate team operating rhythm including full customisation and automation of key product reporting functions. All the product reports are easily created with any metrics required to be measured including the standard ones such as revenue, costs, customer satisfaction, service quality as well as any others specific to each business.

Resources Management module delivers staff management functions, ability to assign tasks and define approvals requirements for projects. Other functionality such as product forecasting, products portfolio roadmaps and product collateral management are also available.

User Collaboration Module provides ability to create shared or private workspaces and user chat and messaging functionality.

For more information on product management software platform please see the platform overview video or visit our platform tour pages.