Following are some of the additional aspects of our product management reference guide module.


Align your product and corporate strategy

Ensure alignment with the corporate strategy, articulate you product aspiration, target market, differentiation and success capabilities requirement.


Understand your customers and your competitors

Using a market based approach, define your target market demand, calculate market share, conduct customer needs analysis, segmentation and more.



Detailed market analysis: customers and competitors

Conduct strategic market assessment to understand the market attractiveness and your competitive advantage versus the competition.



Prioritise your product development projects

Having focus on the right project priorities will improve your long term return returns on capital. Our software assists with project as well as product features prioritisation.



Create a compelling business case

Develop competent business cases including complete impact analysis, cost modelling, market based pricing, sensitively and risk review. 



Raise your product forecasting accuracy

Create accurate and realistic forecasts for key dimensions of your products including revenue, costs, margins, customer services numbers, market share and more.



Product requirements capture and documentation

Minimise variations in your product requirements which lead to target timeframe slips by collaboration systematically enforced by the platform.


Proactively project manage your product development

Identify stakeholders, key tasks, align incentives and effectively communicate with your complete product development team from the project initiation.



Map the key product features

Provide actionable information to your IT and engineering teams on product features relationships with ordering, provisioning and billing systems.



Design differentiable service levels

Analyse competitors offers, understand customers needs and triangulate versus own capability to develop product service levels which create meaningful differentiation.



Business process development as part of product design

Identify product impact on business processes and incorporate this into design to deliver improvements in customer interactions.


Save time-to-market by using common product architectures

By using our pre-populated templates you will be saving countless hours of labour: start with what’s already working instead of a blank canvas.


Oversight of technical and operational activities

While engineering, operations and IT are critical part of product development, product managers rarely have full visibility of their activities – the change is here…


Build products that work with your IT

Endless stories if IT, OSS and BSS delays… understand the key considerations, your products impact and opt for simpler design if that means less IT change.


Create great product documentation 

Empower your sales team to understand the product well and sell it, communicate your value proposition to customers and leave the competition wondering.



Guided development of product technical documentation

Assist your technical teams with on-time delivery of technical documentation, product pre-launch readiness testing and training.



Product lifecycle management: product performance management and reporting

Communicate your product success to the business, analyse key attributes such as revenue and service quality and compare against forecast targets.




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