Financial Consulting and Telecom Cost Modelling

Leveraging experience of our people we can deliver comprehensive financial models and solutions for our customers including:

  • Product cost modelling including:
    • Direct and indirect costs models
    • Fixed and variable costs models
    • Telecom unit cost models
    • Platform view cost models etc..
  • Forecasting (sales, product growth, cost base & resources)
  • Product and overall profitability analysis and financial reporting
  • Corporate finance models including COGS, CAPEX and direct, in-direct and overhead functions costs detailing
  • Market pricing analysis and price modelling (market based or cost plus pricing)
  • Business cases including financial analysis, scenario modelling and risk analysis

Analytics Consulting

We can assist you and take responsibility for coordinating, planning and implementation of a practical analytics models that fulfils your requirements.

Following are some of the analytics activities our team has experience with:

  • Customer portfolio analysis and portfolio monitoring
  • Creation of new predictive analytics models
    • Customer churn and customer retention 
    • Credit risk and customer acquisition
    • Fraud and never pay models
    • Segmentation models
    • Revenue assurance and fraud analytics
    • Lifetime value prediction
    • Predictive machine learning forecast models (revenue, customers, network…)
    • Customer sentiment analysis (NPS etc…)
    • Price optimisation (price elasticity models …)
    • Network management & optimization
    • Network capacity forecasting
    • Machine learning frameworks to house any of the predictive models above 
  • Development of analytics management dashboards
  • Model reviews and validation – assess the accuracy, stability and suitability of your predictive model suite.
  • Model monitoring
  • Model migrations from SAS to Python
  • Policy procedures & documentation
  • Training on analytics
    • High level courses for marketing teams
    • Detailed courses for analytic teams

Service Offerings Definition and Development of Service Catalogues

Our skills offer includes consulting services to assist with definition of service offerings and development of service catalogues especially for telecom providers. In addition to consulting which would typically deliver only one part of the complete solution, our offer also includes delivery and integration of software platform made up of SaaS/Cloud based Services Catalogue and Skills Database.

Technical Consulting Services

Our technical team demonstrates ongoing commitment to excellence in ICT. This affects credibility and authority – factors which are crucial when entering a highly competitive market. Following are key areas of expertise of our technical consultants:

  • Technical solution design, equipment selection and solution pricing
  • Architecture and design reviews
  • Security, performance and service levels (SLA) audits, analysis and reports
  • Technical and sales training and education
  • Vendor technical management and commercial negotiations
  • Technical support and problem management
  • ICT and telecommunications strategy development

.For example, our Security Audit will provide you with one of the most comprehensive full disclose audit statements available. It gives a detailed report on weaknesses found in your environment and suggested action that can be taken to close any security holes.

Technical Training

We pride our selves on professional and vendor neutral training courses, developed for unbiased knowledge transfer. Our sales and technical training offering includes:

  • Educators with real-world experience 
  • Small class sizes for increased interaction with the lecturer 
  • Hands-on training options
  • Up-to-date courseware and reference materials 
  • Turn-key solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements

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