Telecom Dispute Management and Dispute Resolution Training Course Overview

This course is a mix of theoretical and practical learning with focus on dispute management in the telecommunications sector covering current resolution methods and future directions.
The course also covers disputes between service providers, regulatory disputes, customer disputes as well as ITU based best practices and approaches.

Key learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding of Dispute Resolution Techniques
  • Learn about Disputes Types and Resolution Approaches
  • Key Considerations in Dispute Management
  • Understand Roles in Dispute Resolution
  • Consider Revenue Assurance and Dispute Management
  • Master the Dispute Management Process 
  • Learn about Settlement and Reconciliation Disputes
  • Implement Dispute Management Tools



Telecom Dispute Management Course Modules Outline



Day 1

Introduction to Dispute Resolution

Dispute Management and Resolution Definition

Approach to Dispute Management and Resolution

Overview of Dispute Resolution Techniques

Regulatory Adjudication

Introducing Alternative Dispute Resolution


Mediation and Conciliation


Dispute Resolution Bodies

Other Methods of Dispute Resolution

Current Disputes and Resolution Approaches

Investment Disputes

Interconnection Disputes

Other Disputes between Service Providers

Disputes between Regulators and Service Providers

Consumer Disputes

Radio Frequency Disputes

Others Considerations in Dispute Management

Telecom Market and Service Evolution

Independent Cost Models as an Effective Mediation Tool

Market Power Asymmetries

Key Perspectives on Dispute Resolution

Changing Patterns and Assumptions

The Economics of Dispute Resolution

Efficient Allocation of Direct Costs

Uncovering Hidden Costs

Market Power Asymmetries

Roles in Dispute Resolution

Official versus Non-Official Roles

Adjudicated and Negotiated Proceedings

Review of Adjudications

Procedural Oversight of Negotiated Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Timelines and Procedures

Practical Session

Practical session involving examples of real dispute cases and dispute management approaches.

Team bases activities.

Day 2

Revenue Assurance and Dispute Management

Significance of Revenue Assurance in Dispute Management         

Concepts, Application and Best Practices

Detection, Correction, Prevention

Dispute Management Process          


Dispute Start  

Understand the Business       

Understand the Counterpart  

Find the Facts

Data Collection          


Solution Strategy       


Settlement and Reconciliation Disputes


Introduction to Volume Commitments

Key Reconciliation and Settlements Concepts


Data Integrity 


Advanced Data Verification Methodologies

Testing, Correction, Prevention         

Best practices in Data Integrity

Dispute Management Tools

Analytical Tools and Software

Dispute Logbook & Dashboards

Improving Telecommunications Dispute Resolution

Improving Existing Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Technological Solutions for a Technological Industry

From ‘Dispute Resolution’ to ‘Problem Solving’

Future Directions

Increasing Complexity and Rapid Change from New Technologies.

Improvements Under Way and Available Resources

Consensus-Building Measures

Practical Session

Practical session involving examples of real dispute examples and dispute management approaches.

Team bases activities.


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Dispute Management Training Course Outline