Telecom Cost Modelling, Pricing, Forecasting and Business Cases Training Course is an interactive and practical training covering telecom product cost modelling (LRIC, FAC), pricing, forecasting, business cases and financial analysis.


   Learning Objectives

The training course participants will learn how to develop product cost models, understand key financial indicators and apply those to project business cases. In depth review of market based pricing and product forecasting is also covered from the perspective of activities such as project evaluations, activity based costing, and capital budgeting. Key learning objectives include:

  • How to develop telecom financial strategy
  • Learn about market based management techniques including competitor analysis, market segmentation and customer needs analysis 
  • Apply market based management to product pricing and finance 
  • Learn about financial measures used by telecom service providers
  • Understand telecom companies financial statements 
  • Review and analyse balance sheets, income statements and cash-flow statements 
  • Methodologies for development of financial projections 
  • Develop telecom products cost models (FAC, LRIC...)
  • Detailed product costs analysis including direct, indirect and allocated costs  
  • Determine how cost analysis shall be used and applied
  • Conduct telecom business cases financial analysis 
  • Calculate and improve ROI on product and project initiatives 
  • Develop market based prices for product 
  • Complete forecasts and trend analysis
  • Financial planning and budgeting process 
  • Understand telecom activity based costing and implementation options 
  • Best practices around product financial and service performance reporting 


   Course Length

Course is typically structured over 2 full days and is targeted at telecom product managers, cost analysts, finance staff, pricing and budget analysts, marketing and other relevant roles. 


   Training Modules Breakdown (Sample Course)


Short Description

Day 1

Telecom strategy and planning

Impact of strategic objectives on financials, how understand your own position and set targets

Define your market

Market size, market demand and market share

Products hierarchy and financial GLs alignment

Telecom products hierarchy development and portfolio planning, alignment of products to financial GLs

Strategic market assessment

Market attractiveness and competitive advantage

Value creation and feature selection

Customer needs and key product features identification

Market segmentation

Needs based market segmentation and other market research relevant to pricing

Competitor analysis

Industry analysis, competitor analysis, quantification of competitive advantage

Financial measures

Overview of key financial terms and measures incl. ROI/ROC, NPV, IRR, WAAC

Day 2

Analysis of financial statements

Overview of corporate financial statements

Balance sheet analysis

Corporate balance sheet analysis

Income statement analysis

Income statement analysis

Cash flow analysis

Cash flow statement analysis

Debt and equity

Overview of debt and equity, funding options and impact

Financial review and projections

Past performance review and projections development

Business cases

Telecom business case structure and detailed review

Financial analysis

Detailed project financial analysis, cost factors, revenue factors

Cost modelling principles

Product cost models development and cost allocations techniques. Overview of Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC), Fully Allocated Cost (FAC) and Standalone Cost modells.

Cost modelling data sourcing

Technical and financial information gathering requirements for cost models

Detailed costs analysis

COGS, direct costs, indirect costs, allocated costs

Cost models reporting

Profit and margin calculations, factors affecting profit, trends analysis

Product pricing

Value based product pricing, impact of fixed/variable costs


Product forecasting, profit/cost forecasting, issues & tips

Planning and Budgeting

Financial planning and capital budgeting

Activity based costing (ABC)

ABC overview and implementation options

Product financial reporting

Telecom product financial reporting and product lifecycle management


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Telecom Cost Modelling, Pricing, Forecasting and Business Cases Training Course Outline