Parcus Group can provide leading sales training courses for the telecom industry. Our focus is on gaining significant improvements for our customers in terms of time-to-revenue from new initiatives as well as optimisation of sales process for existing solutions.

Here are the outlines of couple of our most popular courses.


Sales Account Management Course

Module / Objectives Description Duration (hours)
Account management process In this section participants are given a perspective on the processes and the activities involved in good account management. 1.0
Account plans Account plans are central to account management. Here participant build a customer account plan and learn how to use the account plan to strengthen a customer relationship, discover opportunities and fend off competition. 2.5
Customer positioning and strategies An account manager should aim to have their organisation positioned as a strategic partner with the clients. This section of the course elaborates on customer positioning and how to achieve strategic partner status. 1.0
Perception mapping and the competitive matrix A perception map and a competitive matrix are very useful tools to give an account manager an understanding of the gaps, strengths and weakness their company has with clients. Participant will learn how to use these tools in the account plan. 1.5
Business buying cycle By understanding the business buying cycle, an account manager can maximise the chances of winning opportunities. 1.0
Portfolio management Most account managers look after multiple customers, Therefore, sound portfolio and opportunity management process are necessary. In this section participants gain perspective on sound portfolio management. 1.0


Value Based Selling Training Course

Module / Objectives Description Duration (hours)
Value based selling This section illustrates how the value of a product or company can move beyond standard features and benefits. The idea of value proposition for products, services, solutions and  companies is explored. 1.5
Selling strategic value In this module participants explore the various types of business strategies and how products and services may assist a customer in achieving their strategic goal. 2.5
Demonstrating value In this section participant learn how to use customer’s profit and loss account, working capital and VRIO model to illustrate how their products and services add value. Ultimately a good sales person will make the intangible, tangible. 2.5
Negotiation In this section participants are given a perspective on effective business negotiation techniques and how good negotiators deliver outcomes of mutual satisfaction. 1.5


Customised Telecom Sales Training Courses

In addition here are some other 1 day sales training programs which can be combined into courses based on your team needs:


Program Title

Program Content


Customer Service

  • Customer service standards and models
  • Customer needs and expectations
  • Effective questioning and listening
  • Responding to complaints
  • Dealing with difficult customers


Customer Relations

  • Qualifying prospecting methods
  • Identify buying signals
  • Overcome objections
  • Closing sales


Customer Sales

  • Using databases
  • Customer resource management
  • Equipment and systems
  • Matching product to customer needs


Sales Processes

  • Working relationships
  • Diversity
  • Assessing development needs
  • Learning styles
  • Networking

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Telecom Sales Training Course Outlines