Parcus Group Telecom Product Management Software 2015.1 Release Announcement

Melbourne, Australia and Hong Kong, SAR China, 20th March 2015

Parcus Group announced today that a new version of it’s successful telecom product management software platform has been released.

The Telecom Product Management Software 2015.1 version is an updated cloud based platform and offers additional value to our service provider customers by combining features for all phases of product development and product lifecycle management, into a single software package.

Telecom customers will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased alignment of business units delivered by use of a common collaboration platform across all the business functions
  • Greater staff productivity facilitated by task automation and simplification of activities
  • Improved decision-making enabled by data-driven tools based on customer and market insight

Some of the new features include product and corporate strategy alignment tools, advancements to the product features prioritisation matrix, staff KPI (key performance indicators) alignment tool, sales strategy tools, business processes impact analysis tool, staff selection matrix and others.

The software is specifically designed for telecommunication carriers, internet service providers and MVNOs including developing as well as mature organisations.

“Very useful software, very comprehensive, well planned and organised” as described by a customer, is available for purchase by contacting the company.

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