Belize Telemedia and Parcus Group Announce an Agreement

Belize Telemedia (BTL) and Parcus Group, announced today that they have entered into an agreement under which Parcus Group will provide training and consulting services around telecom product management for BTL.

“We needed a credible and skilled partner to support our growth and assist us to deliver market leading telecom services for our customers” said Linda Eck, Marketing Manager at Belize Telemedia. “Parcus Group’s ability to provide a very comprehensive telecom product management framework coupled with full on-site consulting and training to support our business transformation goals, was an important factor in our decision.”

“We are a key supporter for telecom carriers globally said Igor Glavanić, Managing Director of Parcus Group. “Carriers in the Caribbean are actively migrating to mobile, fibre and IP based networks. This platform transformation brings a unique set of challenges and increased reliance of customers on telecom services. As such, carriers are expected to demonstrate an increased level of understanding of customers needs and develop products centred on customer service and satisfaction as means of differentiation. Parcus Group services are based on the premise of market based management and deliver real time-to-market and return on capital improvements to our telecom customers.”

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