Revenue Assurance Contract with TelEm Group

Parcus Group, a provider of analytics, consulting and training services for the telecom sector, today announced it has signed an agreement with TelEm Group of companies to provide consulting services around telecom finance and revenue assurance.

 “Winning this contract with TelEm Group, showcases the benefits of our telecom specific orientation and our rich global consulting experience. Our aim is to provide professional assistance to telecom companies in the areas of finance, products and marketing. This project for revenue assurance (RA) review of all fixed data services will accurately reflect and validate all the relevant costs and revenues in the business and will allow TelEm to ensure the accuracy of services billing to customers as well as verify that all internal systems and processes are working as designed.” said Igor Glavanić, Managing Director of Parcus Group.

“Parcus Group were able to demonstrate that they have the skills and know-how to undertake the required project scope with agility. They have also already provided their telecom financial consulting services to us as well as many telecom operators and regulators in our region and around the world, which made our decision easier. We look forward to collaboration with the Parcus Group team and to enjoy the benefits from this revenue assurance project.” added Lisa-Maria Schalkwijk, Senior Manager for Revenue Assurance at TelEm Group.

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