The following are key software tools and templates provided within our product management platform.


“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”

R. Buckminster Fuller


To this extend, all the tools and templates are also provided with all our training courses to all attendees and customers.



Software Tools

Strategy and planning

  1. Strategy Development Template
  2. Product Strategy Canvas
  3. Value Map Tool

Define your market

  1. Market Share Index Tool

Strategic market assessment

  1. Market Assessment and Market Share Index Tool

Development options

  1. Partner Selection Tool

Value creation and product feature selection

  1. Kano Method Tool

Market segmentation

  1. Marketing ROI Tool

Competitor analysis

  1. Industry Analysis Tool
  2. SWOT Tool
  3. Competitive Advantage Tool

Concept development and ideas screening

  1. Idea Presentation Template
  2. Product Development Prioritisation Matrix

Feasibility study

  1. Feasibility Study Template

High level project planning

  1. High Level Project Plan (Interactive)

Business case

  1. Business Case Template

Financial analysis

  1. Key Cost and Revenue Factors (Interactive)

Product pricing

  1. Value Based Pricing Questions
  2. Value Based Pricing Tool

Cost modelling and forecasting

  1. Business Case Cost Model
  2. Product Forecast Model

Product and business requirements documentation

  1. PRD Template

Detailed project  management plan

  1. Project WBS Structure
  2. Project Task List
  3. Service Creation Project Plan
  4. Documentation Check List

Product solution definition and design

  1. Product Features Matrix
  2. Product Description Template

Business process design

  1. Business Processes Impact Tool
  2. Sales Process – Prospecting
  3. Sales Process – Opportunity Management
  4. Sales Process – Order Management
  5. Sample Product Quote
  6. Product Order Form
  7. Customer Information Forms
  8. Operational Process Flows
  9. Customer Readiness Checklist
  10. Service Completion Report-

Technical solution architecture

  1. Vendor Evaluation Tool
  2. Service Availability Tool
  3. IT Systems Impact Matrix


  1. Solution Architecture Template

Product technical design

  1. Technical Design Document Template

Finalising product build

  1. Product Sales Guide (High Level)
  2. Product Sales & Marketing Guide (Detailed)
  3. Product Collateral Example
  4. Sample Proposal
  5. Other Tools
  6. Product Modification Forms

Technical solution build

  1. Product Technical Guide Template

Product Readiness Test (PRT)

  1. PRT / ORT Templates

Product launch

  1. Product Launch Templates
  2. Product Sales Strategy Tool and Matrix

Product lifecycle

  1. Product Performance Reports 
  2. Staff Sample Position Description
  3. Staff Selection Matrix
  4. KPI Alignment Tool

Other tools and tips

  1. Sample Product Plan
  2. Marketing Budget Template
  3. Communications Strategy and Plan Template




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