What are some useful interview questions for product managers



We get asked this often but sometimes it is not only about the questions you get asked in an interview – but about the questions you ask back.

Product management job is a leadership role – it’s your product, your business, your profit and cost – you are the CEO.
So in an interview you need to demonstrate that you are able to lead and take the initiative both in respect to asking questions as well as thinking fast.

Here are some questions you may want to consider asking:

–     Target markets / segments
–     Customer retention rate %, dissatisfied customers % including trends and what improvements are in place
–     Key strengths – sustainable competitive advantage (superior product, customer intimacy or operational excellence)
–     Marketing & distribution channels
–     Revenue, profit, margins, balance sheet, debt, cash…
–     Describe the corporate culture

–     Leadership style, values
–     What are the key things you would like to change & improve in you business
–     SWOT
–      Org structure & Corporate reporting structure including details of how this position fits into the corporate matrix
–     Planning – marketing, sales, operations manual…

–     Responsibilities (budget, revenue, costs…)
–     Staff & team
–      Position Activities Details and Primary Objectives (i.e. how do you measure the success of this position ?)
–     Main Duties / Key Accountabilities including financial, sales, development, staff management etc…

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