Product Launch Checklist and Product Readiness Testing



Working with various customers around the world we have noticed how frequently their customers suffer from poor service which can be easily improved by adding a simple checklist to their product development process. We are talking about – Product Launch Checklist.


As you are approaching final stages of your development and your product is ‘almost market ready’, consideration needs to be given to extensive pre-launch testing.

This phase is sometimes also referred to as Product Readiness Test (PRT) and should include testing considerations in three key business areas: technical, commercial and operations.


The following is an example Product Launch Checklist we can use to look at each one of those areas:


Technical Readiness Completed By / Approved By: Documented:
All technical aspects of product design and architecture completed
Technical testing completed (including performance testing, load testing…)
All technical documentation finalised (eg. product technical guide)
All technical training finalised and delivered
All technical support in place for product infrastructure (eg. maintenance contracts)
Technical integration completed for all solution components and OSS/BSS
Beta testing (eg. fault scenarios, redundancy working, escalation working)



Commercial Readiness Completed By / Approved By: Documented:
All product internal (sales guides, FAQ, proposals) documentation ready
All product external documentation ready (order forms, brochures, value proposition, contracts)
All product OSS/BSS systems ready and end-to-end trial order completed successfully
All product training completed (eg for sales)
All commercial components approved for release (eg. pricing, SLA…)
Business process documentation completed (eg. how to order…)
Product launch prepared (eg. events booked, press releases drafted…)



Operations Readiness Completed By / Approved By: Documented:
Operational staff fully briefed and trained
Operation end-to-end testing of trial customer order (from order receipt, implementation to support)
All operational work instructions completed (eg. how to troubleshoot faults)
All OSS/BSS systems tested and working ok
All customer billing working OK as per specification
Customer help desk operational and sufficient staff available to cover 24×7 coverage
Escalation procedures completed, agreed and tested


I hope it’s of help…

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