New Product Development Process

Product Development Process


This article has been prompted by many of our customers asking for a ‘magic bullet’ which will easily establish a new product development (NPD) process or framework for their business.


In our opinion the process (irrespective of how good and detailed it is) is just a start. The real challenge is getting the company and all the business units to adhere to the process and follow it. But that is a topic for another post.


So for this discussion here is a fairly good new product development (NPD) process outline including some of the key deliverables for each step and milestone. In the next article we will provide all the documentation required for each of the steps in the process.


To make it easier to get you going with your new product development efforts, you can re-use our product development task list and project schedule.


Below task list is a table created in Microsoft Excel and covers all the key tasks you will be required to complete in your project across all the phases from market analysis to product launch. Please note this is mainly applicable to telecom projects but can be also adapted to other industries with some modifications.


Sample new product development (NPD) process (task list)


Task Name Duration Start Finish %
Phase 1 – Market Analysis & Idea
Scoping Workshop
Concept Development
Market Analysis
Idea Generation & Idea Screening
High Level Project Plan
Milestone 1
Phase 2 – Business Case
Develop business case
Approval for business case
Milestone 2
Phase  3 – Product Requirements Document (PRD)
Project Planning
Milestone 3.1
Product Requirements Document (PRD)
Purpose, scope & stakeholders
Project Overview
Product functional requirements
Ordering / provisioning
Change management
Support requirements
Billing model & process
Legal & regulatory
Project Impacts
Product pricing & quoting model
Service Activation SLAs
Service Support SLAs
Resource requirements
Milestone 3.2
Phase 4 – Solution Design & Planning
Technical & Network Systems Solution Definition & Design
Design Phase
Product Research
Architecture Design
Detailed Design
Detailed network design
Business systems design
Detailed Physical Design
Network/Systems Detailed Design
Milestone 4.1
Business Systems Solution Definition & Design
BSS Sales / Quoting
BSS Ordering
BSS Implementation / Activation
BSS Support / Assurance
BSS Billing
Milestone 4.2
Product description & feature matrix
Contextual product description
Product features matrix development
Milestone 4.3
Phase 5 – Development/Build & Operational Readiness
Technical Solution Build
System build & implementation
Equipment Installations
Systems and Portal connections
Technical Training
Systems Documentation
Technical & network processes for service activations
Technical & network processes for service support
Solution testing
Finalise Technical documentation
Operations Rollout
NOC Training doc & process
Review marketing docs (multiple reviews)
NOC Training Sessions (multiple sessions)
Integration time & beta testing
Technical Test with a Customer
Commercial Solution Build
Final product description/definition
Product documentation – finalise all
Process Solution Build
Finalised Business Process Solution
Sales / Quoting  process
Service Activation / Implementation process incl Planning
Service Support / Assurance process
Billing & Collections process
Operational Readiness Test Plan
Project planning for Ops Readiness
Develop technical readiness plan incl technical processes
Develop product/commercial readiness plan
Develop operations and business processes readiness plan
Operational Readiness Test Execution
Finalized product/marketing documents & sales training materials
Vendor support agreements/process finalised
Technical documents ready
Testing completed
Finalised training
Service activation ready incl. ordering process, planning & design
Service assurance ready incl. NOC support process
ORT Conducted & results noted
Sales & Market Readiness
Milestone 5.2
Phase 6 – Launch
Commercial Launch
All product collateral published
Sales training
Pricing published
Phase 7 – Project Review & Lessons Learned
Project Review & Lessons Learned
Milestone 3.2



For a better view, you can also use project management planning tools such as Gant Charts.


New Product Development Process

New Product Development (NPD) Process Gantt Chart 


Web-based and interactive versions of above process are available in our ParcusFlow product management software platform.


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