How to Develop a Product Roadmap



We are frequently asked by our telecom customers to provide assistance on development of a product road map – or how do I develop a product roadmap?

Here is a high level summary of key steps.

To start you should aim to organise 1-2 days of time with your key stakeholders in order to focus on the roadmap development. Start by setting up a full 1 day workshop.


Following are the proposed steps and workshop deliverables:

Item / Step Participants Deliverable
1.    Review of product portfolio structure, all the products and all the product owners. Full product management team, managers and staff (1-2 hours) Products portfolio structure and all agreed products aligned with financial GLs view.
2.    Workshop with product team to agree on projects and priorities. Full product management team, managers and staff (2-4 hours) List of projects to be listed on the product roadmap. For project prioritisation use a multi-factor matrix to cover considerations such as strategic alignment to business goals, financial returns and ability to execute the project.
3.    Meetings with engineering, Ops and IT to confirm impact on BUs so that roadmap planned timelines can be confirmed. Full product management team, IT, Engineering and Operations (Approx 2-4 hours) Agreed list of projects to be listed on the product roadmap including project delivery timelines.
4.    Document the product roadmap into a single product roadmap file. Head of product management team (2+ hrs ) Product roadmap file (see example below).


This is an example of how the final product roadmap would look (this is an example of Australian NBN Co telecom product roadmap which is publicly available):




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